To all members and groups at the 307 Club, it is with a heavy heart that we will be suspending all meetings and activities at the 307 Club effective immediately. The Centers for Disease Control updated their guidelines to ask that all events with over 10 persons in attendance be cancelled for the next 15 days (through the end of March). We will be following these guidelines as our concern is for the safety and welfare of everyone who attends the 307 Club as well as their loved ones and the larger community. We will continue to monitor events as they unfold and endeavor to keep groups and members informed as everything can and has changed quickly. Here is the link for SEPIA's website. It also has a 24 hour phone number you can call if you need support.

12 Step Meetings at the 307 Club

This is a list of our current meetings. Check out the new 11th Step meeting on Saturday at 6:30!

Please note: You do not have to be a member of the 307 Club to attend meetings here. Membership dues are simply voluntary contributions that support our work. 

Anyone who wishes to may attend meetings listed as, "Open." Attendance at meetings listed as, "Closed," is limited to those who identify as alcoholics.

We have meeting time slots available. If you'd like to start a new 12 Step meeting, please contact us at