About Us

The 307 Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our purpose is to provide the recovery community of West Chester a clean and safe environment to hold Twelve Step meetings, to gather socially in the spirit of recovery, and to organize and hold ongoing social activities and functions for members and their families.  Our operating model is based on the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous and our goal is to use all funds in excess of operating expenses to improve the club.

307 Club Policies

  1.  The Club is open during daily meeting times only.
  2.  No alcohol or drugs are permitted anywhere on Club property.
  3.  Each group is responsible to empty trash, clean up the meeting room including the chairs, clean entrance, bathrooms and coffee areas, replenish toilet paper and paper towels, turn off lights and coffee maker, and lock the front and back doors of the Club after your meeting. Each individual member shall share in these responsibilities.
  4.  Each group is responsible to make sure smoking and vaping is limited to the back of the building in the smoking area and that people socialize inside the building instead of hanging out in front of the building.
  5.  No social events will occur during meetings to include one half-hour before and after.
  6.  No violent or aggressive behavior will be permitted anywhere on Club property.
  7.  Each member is responsible for their children.
  8.  Each member is responsible to report building maintenance issues to the Board of Directors.
  9.  No gambling is permitted anywhere on Club property.
  10.  No profanity or abusive language is permitted.
  11.  Respect for others shall be shown at all times.
  12.  No panhandling or soliciting is permitted anywhere on Club property.
  13.  With the exception of service animals, no pets are permitted anywhere on Club property.
  14.  Willful damage to any Club property will be prosecuted.